Why Innocule

The high grade ores are fast depleting and the plants are forced to depend on low grade ores. However processing of low-grade ores is a challenge in the current mineral processing plants because those plants were designed for high-grade ores and low grade ores pose many operational difficulties.

Mineral additives are the only solution and customized products need to be developed as per Indian requirements. Innocule has developed products that are designed to tackle operational difficulties caused by low grade feed materials.

We offer several advantages:

  • Our products and services result in increased productivity and cost competitiveness
  • Wide range of product offerings suited for various stages of beneficiation
  • Customized solutions according to the type of raw material and plant design
  • Complete product trial support at plant site
  • Round the clock technical support to ensure trouble free plant operation
  • Expertise in cost effective handling, packaging and logistics
  • In house R&D facilities for product testing and customization