Grinding Aids

This class of additives are used to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill that leads to improved mill output and decreased specific power requirement. These aids are specially developed for iron ore pelletization plants with dry grinding process. However, these additives can also be used in dry grinding processes of other minerals.

Benefits to Clients

  • Improved mill performance by upto 15%
  • Reduced specific power of the mill by 15%
  • Reduced generation of super fines by improving the dynamic separator efficiency
  • Improved particle size distribution (PSD) for pelletization process
  • Better pellets lead to better downstream processes ( example: blast furnace, DRI etc)

Product Range          

  • FLUMIX – 1400 G
  • FLUMIX – 220 G
  • FLUMIX – 1216 G
Grinding Aids for Cement