About Us

Innocule manufactures speciality chemicals and performance aids for the mineral industry. The product portfolio includes a vast range of additives specifically catering to the challenges faced by the Indian mineral industry. Currently we offer

  • Dispersants
  • Flow aids
  • Filter aids
  • Grinding aids
  • Oxygen Scavenger

Innocule has several years of expertise in dealing with speciality chemicals. The company started in 2008 as Unisol. It is one of the leading providers of grinding aids and performance improvers for the cement industry. Innocule was founded in 2014 with a view to diversify into the mineral additive business.

The needs of the Indian mineral sector are varied and complex. In order to best serve our clients we are constantly innovating and provide customized solutions. An extensive range of products has been developed by our in house R &D facility. We also have collaboration with several reputed labs across India.

Innocule is strongly committed to delivering value to its clients. We offer full trial support at plant site and round the clock technical support. Our products and services offer an unparalleled customer service.